canyonlands 13.1 – recap

We did it.  We ran the moab half marathon!

We didn’t end up training as good as we had hoped,  I injured my neck and B was supportive in that neck injury, so our longest run was 4.4 miles.  I literally only ran 7 miles total before running this race, so I’m just glad that I finished.  Previously i’ve trained better waaay better.  So, I was just hoping we both finished.  My hip was killing mile 9-13 but the course was beautiful and the weekend was awesome, so all in all it was great.  Funny how now, I can’t even remember the pain. 

The energy, push, grit and strength of runners is inspiring and so fun to be a part of on race day.  It was my 6th race.  It was B’s first half.  So fun!

My race tally list…
Lancaster county, PA –  half marathon
Richmond, VA – half marathon
8tuff miles, St. John USVI
Salt Lake City, UT –  half marathon
Provo, UT  – halloween half marathon
Ogden, Ut –  marathon
Canyon-lands, UT – half marathon


canyonlands half marathon


B&I are running 13.1 miles in beautiful Moab Ut.

It should be awesome.


*source Moab Half Marathon 

I’m a little nervous since I injured my neck and couldn’t train the last 3+ weeks.  B was supportive of my neck so he didn’t train much either.

I may be more like walk-running, but my goal is to have fun and finish!

I’m excited, it’s my 5th half and B’s 1st!  Our first together!

Oh, spring….it is SO nice to finally see you.