Tax day – weekend wrap

Happy Tax day.  I’m really glad that I did my taxes in February.  I’m grateful for the country where we live, but sometimes I’m not grateful to pay so many taxes.

Today, when I left for work my tulips looked beautiful with a background snow dusting.  To be honest, i’m getting over the snow but it keeps coming back, just in little bits.  It’s ok I guess, as long as it dosen’t kill all my tiny plants.


This weekend we had our first saturday soccer game, of the soccer team I help coach.  It’s a special needs soccer league, that my lil sis MizS plays on.  It brings joy to my life to be around these sweet kids.  I’ll post more about it later.

MizE wes there kicking soccer balls and all sassed out with her new shades.  I love this little woman.


We also went to gormandize bakery in SLC.  It’s this amazing french bakery/cafe that is pheenom.  The french have got it figured out in the desert department.


I spent the day with these two kids on Saturday.  MisZ and little MrEv.   We had so much fun.  Sweet and awesome people they are.


I also had dinner in this canyon.  Can’t wait for summerrrrr.