Tax day – weekend wrap

Happy Tax day.  I’m really glad that I did my taxes in February.  I’m grateful for the country where we live, but sometimes I’m not grateful to pay so many taxes.

Today, when I left for work my tulips looked beautiful with a background snow dusting.  To be honest, i’m getting over the snow but it keeps coming back, just in little bits.  It’s ok I guess, as long as it dosen’t kill all my tiny plants.


This weekend we had our first saturday soccer game, of the soccer team I help coach.  It’s a special needs soccer league, that my lil sis MizS plays on.  It brings joy to my life to be around these sweet kids.  I’ll post more about it later.

MizE wes there kicking soccer balls and all sassed out with her new shades.  I love this little woman.


We also went to gormandize bakery in SLC.  It’s this amazing french bakery/cafe that is pheenom.  The french have got it figured out in the desert department.


I spent the day with these two kids on Saturday.  MisZ and little MrEv.   We had so much fun.  Sweet and awesome people they are.


I also had dinner in this canyon.  Can’t wait for summerrrrr.



canyonlands half marathon


B&I are running 13.1 miles in beautiful Moab Ut.

It should be awesome.


*source Moab Half Marathon 

I’m a little nervous since I injured my neck and couldn’t train the last 3+ weeks.  B was supportive of my neck so he didn’t train much either.

I may be more like walk-running, but my goal is to have fun and finish!

I’m excited, it’s my 5th half and B’s 1st!  Our first together!

Oh, spring….it is SO nice to finally see you.




saturdays are awesome

I love saturdays.  They are the best.  Our day so far:
9:45 – wake up to that handsome B & his beautiful kind eyes.  (we were really out of it this morning.  No alarms.  Just sleep.  B was up late working in the studio & I can always sleep)
9:47 – decide we are too sore from going to the gym last night to make the 10am class
10:15 – plan the day
10:17 – B goes down to work on studio.  call my sister to check in.
10:45 – get out of bed.  make smoothies.  do laundry   tidy a bit.  realize I need to clean my house.
11:45 – work on my presentation for a monday meeting.  love my job.  for real.
12:15 – I realize how blessed I am.  How happy I am in life.  I feel content.  I love life.
12:18 – hear B downstairs in the studio making awesome music.  He is mixing and mastering two songs he’s been working on that he is trying to finish today.  It’s been fun to hear him transform the songs and hear everything come together.  He is so stinking talented, he blows me away.  love that guy.
12:19 – want to document this moment of life.  write up a little post.
12:27 – back to working on presentation
1:00 – finish presentation
1:15 – run errands, go on a run
2:30 – go to the rec center to go swimming and take inventory of the snorkel gear for our vaca.  geek alert.
5:00 – birthday dinner for B at Thai Siam with his family.  LOVE thai food.
6:00 – hang out with Momma J & try and find tent for camping in Caribbean
8:30 – hang out with awesome friends after kids are asleep.  Make music and play games.  both our hubs are musicians.
11:30 – go to sleep

Sunday Items:
11am Church
Sunday dinner with my family.  We are having a pasta bar.  YUMMMM!
Pack for our Caribbean vaca
Hang out with B
Play my Ukelele
Get ready for monday presentation @ work
Bake a birthday cake for B & little bro

whole wheat berry muffins

Growing up in Utah means lots of snow.  Which I love.  My mom would always have warm goodies ready for us when we came in from the cold.  She was awesome like that.  I loved her homeade hot coco recipe, which i’ll have to post on here, and she would often make us muffins on cold snowy mornings.  So naturally, when it snowed and snowed last weekend I decided we needed some muffins.  I whipped up some whole wheat berry muffins, with cream cheese.  They turned out pretty good but a little heavy.  Whole wheat will do that.  You don’t have to use whole wheat flour (the recipe just calls for flour) but I always try to sub whole wheat wherever I can.  B is getting used to it :). I also cut back on the sugar which turned out ok too.   B is also getting used to that too.  Overall they turned out yummy and the best part was we had hearty homemade muffins all weekend for breakfast.  B brought me warmed up muffins on sunday morning for Breakfast in bed.  He’s a sweetie.

berry muffins

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes (But watch them, mine cooked faster)
Yield: 1 dozen

  • 2 c. flour  (I used 1.3/4 cup whole wheat and 1/4 c white)
  • 1T baking powder
  • 1/2 t. salt
  • 3T sugar ( I only did 1T and they turned out great.  I’d use honey next time)
  • 1 egg beaten
  • 1 cup milk (I subbed milk for almond milk since I didn’t have regular milk)
  • 3T oil
  • Mix dry ingredients in one bowl.  In another bowl mix wet ingredients, egg, milk and oil.  Combine all at once.  Stir.  Add berries (fresh or frozen.  If frozen I’d defrost them in water and then drain.  Add the berries at the very end to mix as least as possible.  If you do whole wheat the dough will be think so you can add a little more milk if you need too.  Spray the muffin tin or use cups.    Spoon into tins until 3/4 full.  I wanted to try some cream cheese so I added some chunks to the muffins and it was a great addition.  Add 2-3 chunks  of cream cheese when the mix is in the cup.  It’s too messy otherwise.  Bake at 450 for 20-25 minutes   Mine cooked in 10-15 so watch them carefully.  You don’t want to burn these tastly little gems!


snowageddon 2013

You heard me right.  Snowageddon.  It was crazy.  Here is the proof.

We hunkered down in our cozy little house on Bonita.  I made whole wheat berry muffins.  We shoveled our guts out.

What an adventure.  Love the snow!

front walk - shoveled mail burried backyard 3 backyard 2 backyard burried on bonita

weekend wrap

This weekend was good.

I rode frontrunner on friday night to meet B for his work christmas party.  That was awesome.


We ate at market street and had a really nice time.  I liked the people we sat by and being with B.  I also really really liked this chocolate cake.


On Saturday we had our church christmas party.  Somehow we mixed up the time and were 15 mins late, but my egg/ham/cheese/potato casserole was cooked to perfection.  After the party we spent some time working on house projects then decided we needed a beak, so we saw the hobbit.  We never get concessions at movies (I just cant swallow the prices) but this time we splurged on a large cherry coke, parmesan soft pretzel and sour patch kids.  The movie was awesome and we liked it more than the other Lord of the Rings movies.  I want a root celar just like Bilbo Baggins.  B and I decided that if we were in that movie we would be elves, they are awesome.  They also live in rivendell which is the coolest city ever.

Whoa.  Nerd alert.


Saturday night we finished staining the studio we are building out downstairs for B.  He produces music and we had the perfect wood paneling green carpet room for him to create into a studio.  Glad to have the staining done.

Today.  We churched.  We napped.  We delivered gifts.   I made some dang good crockpot orange chicken.   We also learned about the new youth website that our church just recently launched.  It’a awesome and made me excited to be working with the young women (14-16 year olds).


weekend wrap

This weekend, came and went.  It was a good one.  We were busy humans, but it’s nice when you get lots accomplished.  Friday was spent fixing the beam on our classy car port, so I had to work late.  We grabbed some pei wei and watched Karate Kid at my brothers house.  We were tending our 5 n&n’s so the parents of those 5 could have some R&R for a night.   Luckily the night wen’t pretty flawless, and the kids slept through the night.  Which rocked.   Saturday started off with me making creaps for those hungry 5 and us hangin out.   We are going to rock at parenthood.  B is sooo cute with kids, he’s pretty much the best teammate I could have ever dreamed off.  Love him.   We  only tended until 9am so B-lined it home to work on our yard before the snow rolled in.  We finished our winter prep, only two months late!  Felt good.  I finished digging out most of the remaining mint that had grown ravaged in various areas of our yard and I finished planting the remaining bulbs and some other mini bulbs that we found around our maple in front.  I found the cross section of one when we took out a cement border around a tree.


cool bulb – ness

I’ve been really into saving as many bulbs as I could, even though I don’t have a clue what some of them are.  I’m hoping they will be cool in the spring.  B told me I was too “bulbee” as I was trying to save every last one.  He told me not to plant something in every spare inch of our yard, BUT bulbs are free and pretty so whatevs.  I guess my mom was always concerned about saving her bulbs and being careful around them…so…it wore off on me.  We spent the late afternoon working in our basement, it was a MESS.   It was a busy saturday to say the least, we were exhaustearated and I fell asleep in .23 seconds after getting into bed.  I love Saturdays when you kick butt though.  Feels good.

Today we did the normal, other than B had a migrane in the morning, but you know the sunday church and family dinner.  We ate at Mama J’s, she makes these deish french dip sandwiches with these toasted buns and melted cheese.  So dang good.  I took small bites so I could enjoy every one.  I really like her cooking and how cozy and fun it is going there.  I’m grateful that I have her in my life, it’s been nice with the loss of my mom to have a built in mom to care for us.  I love going and having a home cooked meal.   We stopped by the hospital on our way home to help out my sisters and dad with Miz S cleanse, I’ll spare you the details, but I sure love that little woman.  Luckily the cleanse is working ansd we came home.  Now we’re home bumming out gearing up for the week where we have something every night.  Crazy!!  Don’t you just love December!!