1 month old seeds & garden update

Don’t you just love spring!  I’m really into it.

I’m looking forward to my garden, camping,  hiking, fishing, BBQ’s, concerts and long summer nights.

B and I have been working hard getting our garden ready and prepped.  Some of my seeds haven’t come up, so looks like all my squash plants i’ll have to buy.  Bummer.  Not sure what I did wrong.

Here are a few shots of the yard, garden, I snapped this morning.

It’s coming along but there is still TONS of work to do.  So fun!

daffodils all in a row.  Love the cedar house! ewe!  and the airconditioner.  I mean, what a place to put that thing!

daffodils all in a row.

these little ones are going outside.  they were my backup in case my march plantings didn't make it.  they did.

these little ones are going outside.

the garden in coming along.

the garden in coming along.

peas. onion. carrots.  1 month old.

peas. onion. carrots. 1 month old.  June Harvest!

tulips everywhere!

tulips everywhere!


how long will butternut squash last?

the last butternut of the year.  lasts till spring.

the last butternut of the year. lasts till spring.

‘Till spring.  And i’m not even mad about it. Just make sure to keep’em cold.

Oh Heey little seeds

Seeds germinating.  (them’s some brussel sprouts, beets, tomatoes, and cabbage are the first to greet me!)

IMG_2180 IMG_2183

Garden a work in progress.  We are working outside in 60+ degree weather!  YAY!



Flowers blooming.


Life is good on bonita!


seeds – planted

Yesterday was the best.

We planted seeds for early harvest in our little side garden (our main garden is still under construction).  We planted  mostly leafy greens, but also onions, radishes, peas, carrots, and cabbage.  We planted them, right in the ground, and it was awesome!  I can’t believe that you can plant this early, I was so surprised to find that out.  I’m still learning about planting and gardening so most things are a surprise to me.   It’s amazing how much life one little seed has, it can grow food to feed us, to heal us, to sustain life.

Pretty cool.

photo (49) photo (48)

the story of squashie

One time I had a garden and it grew lots of things and lots of squashies.  I would spend a whole lot of time outside in this little garden watching things grow and getting startled by grasshoppers.

photo (36)

Now that garden looks like this.  And I can only be outside for .245 seconds and then I start to get hypothermia.

backyard 3


But even though our garden looks like that we still have little squashies that we are eating all winter long.  Yay.

photo (38)

It makes us happy.

photo (37)

It must be January and there is not a whole lot going on around here.  So, I had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for ideas to post.  Thanks for reading.

photo (39)

Now would you just look at that guy.  Didn’t want me to take that photo, but he was just so sweet tonight, I had too.  I really like him.

garden expansion – the aftermath

We didn’t have time to finish the job when we were expanding our garden this weekend.  We ran out of daylight.  I mentioned in my bulb post that we finished planting bulbs by flashlight, which was pretty awesome.  This is the view of what we woke up too Sunday and what we have left to do back there before snow setts in.  You can also see that our fence blew over in windagedden2011 and we haven’t repaired it yet.  Just add that to the list.  We will rake in leaves, manure, straw and more leaves and let the garden sit till winter.

Garden, Yard Work

We aren’t done but we’ve tripled our garden space

garden, yard work

garden view 2

bulb planting

I am not sure where the fall went? And, I totally forgot to plant my bulbs.  Luckily december gave us 65 degree weather.  I read somewhere that an adventurous lady in Northern Utah planted her bulbs in December, and they did fine.  I also read this article on bulb splitting/planting/thinning and they say late summer/september.  I’m not sure who to trust.  I don’t want to wait until next year to plant them, so I planted my bulbs on Saturday, December 1st.  We’ll see if this works.

I planted a variety of red tulips and yellow daffodils.  Because we were expanding our garden I also had 15 years of Iris to thin and reaplant and I didn’t want to waste them.  So, I replanted those as well.  I planted them all over my yard in 2-5 bulb clumps with varying sunlight from full sun/partial sun/lots of shade.  It will be good to see how they do and if planting on December 1st really works. Still need to get my garlic in; ran out of daylight.  My cute SIL helped me plant the rest of the bulbs by flashlight!  She is the best!

Iris bulbs

Iris bulbs


When & Where do you plant bulbs?