restaurant review – la cai noodle house

If you have never had Vietnamese pho you have not lived yet.  I mean, how can delicious broth, thai basil, jalapeños, cabbage, cilantro, bean sprouts, and onions go wrong

Well, it could potentially but it dosen’t at la cai noodle house.   B&I enjoyed pho a few times this winter, and it is one of the best filling, fresh, tasty dishes (and cheap!) in the city.

I have no complaints about this place.  The atmosphere is great.  The service is good.  The scene is diverse.  And the food is amazing.

We ordered the brsiket and beef tradiitonal pho & the bum bun rum.   So good.

And, they have an awesome fish tank!

Go try some pho in your area.  You won’t be disappointed.

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sometimes you need to celebrate – settebello

Sometimes life is really awesome.  Like when B get’s a really good new job.  You just need to take him out to dinner and make him hot breakfast and celebrate that life is good.  I feel like we are often blessed more than we deserve.  God is good.

We went to settebello, an authentic Italian restaurant that is absolutely delicious.  Their margarita pizza is incredible.  We also tried a prosciutto wrap – filled with arugula and goat cheese and one of the ensalada’s.  I got all gitty eating the greens looking forward to this summer when I can pull them out of my garden.

I made some blueberry muffins the next day for breakfast, I was going to try and surprise B with breakfast in bed but he woke up and heard me in the kitchen.  He was still pretty happy about the muffin situation.  I modified my muffin recipe from last time and added 1/2 cup white flour, they were lighter and fluffier and still hearty.

We are excited for life to take a positive turn with B’s new job!

restaurant review – market street

Market Street is known for really great seafood and steaks.  Their shrimp cocktail is to die for.  B and I are totally shrimp lovers, and market street has to be one of our favorite places for a good shrimp cocktail.  Market Street can be a little pricy due to the quality of the food, so being at a work party was nice as we didn’t have to worry about the prices.   The meats are really good quality.  If you are concerned about price, they are open for breakfast and it is a great way to start your day with steak and eggs from market street!

post market street

We started out with a shrimp cocktail and artichoke, crab dip.   Both were excellent.  If you had to choose, just go with the shrimp cocktail.  They also have phenomenal  flavored lemonades, I had a blackberry.  It was delicious.    I ordered the macadamia encrusted mahi mahi, served with honey jalapeño glaze, baby brussel sprouts and boiled potatoes.  B got the stuffed halibut served with a crab cake and hollandaise sauce.  Both were really delicious.   My mahi wasn’t evenly coated with the sauce though and without it I thought it was a little bland.  One half needed more sauce and the other half had a little too much, the mismatch with sauce was my only complaint.  We chose to pair our meal with their house made clam chowder, which honestly next to the shrimp cocktail is to die for.  Oh man, that clam chowder is rich, creamy, served at the perfect temperature and has a unique blend of flavor, pepper and spices.  It is delicious.   No matter what you get on the menu, make sure it includes shrimp cocktail and clam chowder.  They also serve this sliced sourdough bread that pairs perfectly with the chowder.  OK.  I need to stop.  It’s good.  Trust me.  The Chocolate cake was also delicious.  Dense.  Rich.  Really good.

Overall meal experience 8.5.  10++ for the shrimp and clam chowder.

Will we go again?  Yes.

restaurant review – vitos

You guys.  This was so good.  Growing up we’d spend summers in Pennsylvania visiting my amazing grandparents who we adoringly called Nanny and Pop-Pop.  Everything about visiting them was magical.  PA is so different than UT, in countless ways; the green trees, woods everywhere, the old historic homes, big cities, the rivers, the diversity, incredible parks, museums, townships, the food, lightning bugs, grandmas cooking, grandmas house, the long skinny driveway we’d ride our cars/bikes on, the swamp in the backyard, lightning bugs, fruit loops, Italian water ices, cheese steaks, soft pretzels, the amish country, Valley Forge, The whissachickon, the montgomery county zoo, the liberty bell, the shore (ocean city shout out), audubon shrine,  and etc.  and spending time with family.  Most of the time we’d drive our big red van out to PA  which meant 40+ hours and 3 days all 9 of us in the car.  It was the absolute best.  I have the happiest most incredible memories of my childhood days in PA.  Living in PA after college was magical, and was one of the happiest times of my life thus far.  Thoughts of PA brings me nothing but happiness.

Back to the food.  Vitos cheesesteaks is great.  It’s local.  It’s original.   It used to be just a food cart in a parking lot, and now they have a location on main street.  It’s a one man show.  You pay yourself.  They have got the roll, cheese and taste down.  It’s as if I was in Philly again sans the birch beer.  I love me a good cheesesteak.  The lines get long but you move through fast and they are delicious.  I got the Italian + mushrooms.  YUMMMM!  Next time I’d go without parmesan; it was a touch too strong.  It’s one of the best kept secrets in Davis County and a REALLY good cheesesteak.

go. eat. be merry.


restaurant review – red iguana

Any place that has the line “killer mexican food” is my kind of place.  If you are looking for authentic mexican food and experience, this is your placet.  It’s not fancy.  It’s straightforward, eclectic and loved by anyone who stops by.  You will die when you eat anything off the menu.  It’s not greasy and heavy like other mexican places.  It is fresh.  It is original.  It is great.  Honestly, it’s some of the best mexican in the great state of UT.   We went there to celebrate B’s graduation, and we’ve been there before.  It’s B’s favorite restaurant   We started off with queso which was uh-maze-ing and then I had the chicken enchiladas  which were so so good.  I love their enchalada sauce, it’s got cinnamon or nutmeg or something delicious in it.  I also am a big horchata fan, which I of course ordered.  You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu  B had the Red iguana platter  which he loved.

Cool : the green colored walls and delicious food.   Not cool: when your dad forget’s he’s white and tries to speak spanish.

You better believe we will go there again.  As often as possible.   Make sure to make a reservation, that place is always packed.

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What is your favorite thing of the Red Iguana Menu?