gluten free banana bread vs. banana almond muffins

Tonight we spend the evening at home.  It’s been snowing off and on all day.  We watched shows and cleaned and did laundry.  Not very exciting but was good.  I had 7 bananas that were ripe and in need of being  used.  When it’s cold outside and we are cozy inside I feel like eating warm and filling foods.  I found a really cool blog and tried out two of her banana bread/muffin recipes.   I decided to go gluten free so I can share them with my lil’sis tomorrow.  It will make her day to have a gluten free treat.


My thoughts?

The bah-nana-bread as she calles it, was easier to make, fluffy and really good.  MizS loved it.  I didn’t have sour cream so I added an extra banana and 1/4 c cottage cheese.  I also only did 1/4 c or less of sugar.  It was significantly lighter than the muffins.  I only had to cook for about 45-50 minutes, so watch it closely.  I’ll totally make this again!

The muffins take 1/4 the time to cook.  They are hearty and tasty.  I added agave instead of the fancy non-sugar sugars she has on her recipe.  They were delicious with a litte butter.  B loved them (more than my berry muffins).  I’ll make them again as they felt hearty and filling being made with oat flour and they were great!  I’ll also cut back on the choc chips!

Don’t you love the internets and all of the amazing people you can connect with and all the delicious recipes, amazing ideas, and fascinating stories.


sometimes you need to celebrate – settebello

Sometimes life is really awesome.  Like when B get’s a really good new job.  You just need to take him out to dinner and make him hot breakfast and celebrate that life is good.  I feel like we are often blessed more than we deserve.  God is good.

We went to settebello, an authentic Italian restaurant that is absolutely delicious.  Their margarita pizza is incredible.  We also tried a prosciutto wrap – filled with arugula and goat cheese and one of the ensalada’s.  I got all gitty eating the greens looking forward to this summer when I can pull them out of my garden.

I made some blueberry muffins the next day for breakfast, I was going to try and surprise B with breakfast in bed but he woke up and heard me in the kitchen.  He was still pretty happy about the muffin situation.  I modified my muffin recipe from last time and added 1/2 cup white flour, they were lighter and fluffier and still hearty.

We are excited for life to take a positive turn with B’s new job!

whole wheat banana waffles

Tonight we needed some comfort food for dinner.   Not only is it free-to-the-zing out side but B didn’t have the greatest day.  Sometimes people are lame, nuff said.  So, I decided that we needed some waffles.  He had a singer/songwriter over for a evening session in the studio so I whipped up some of these babies and they were money I tell you. MONEY!  They loved them.  So, without further adieu I give you…Whole wheat waffles.


Whole wheat banana waffles.  Adapted from this reipe .  I don’t have the beautiful photos but you still get the point.

2 cups whole wheat flour
2 eggs, beaten (I beat mine by hand 60 times)
1 3/4 cup skim milk (I used 2%…I no likey skim)
4 tsp. baking powder
2 ripe bananas, mashed
1 tsp. agave
1/4 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. nutmeg (I did not have nutmeg and it was fine without it!)
1 tsp. vanilla extract
Mashed the bananas and whisked the eggs prior to adding them.  Add everything to the same bowl, mixed up until  smooth and fluffy.  Cook on medium heat on the waffle iron. Don’t add batter until the waffle iron is hot.  Make sure to spray the waffle iron, but you know that already!  Yield: 9 delicious waffles.  I served with fresh strawberries, bannans and maple syrup.
We were some happy humans 🙂


Proof that everything was just thrown into on bowl.  It came out great!

P.S.  This is what $24 can get you thorough the food co-op we participate in.  Affordable healthy eating.  YES!


easy roasting

There is just something about winter that makes me want to eat lots of veggies, warm and roasty style.  I’ve been really into roasting lately, it’s easy, its’ filling and I can use whatever I have on hand and it tastes really great.

Here is what you do.

You cut up whatever veggies you have on hand; anything that is in your veggie drawer will work.  I have  a 25lb bag of potatoes and 25lb bag of onions in my basement that are pretty much staples at every winter time meal for us.   You just prep everything, throw in some olive oil and some spices on it and put it in the oven at about 350ish for an hour.   Frozen veggies will work too but just aren’t as tasty as fresh.  I paired it with a butternut squash I had from my garden.  Isin’t it the best feeling to eat food from your garden in January.  Love that.

easy roast

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 1 hour
Serves: 2-3

-4 frozen chicken tenderloins
-4 carrots
-1 onion
-1 large potato
-2T olive oil
-Salt & Pepper
-Any other spices you enjoy (I use sage, basil and a 21 spice belnd from trader joes & red pepper flakes for a kick)
-Opt. a little water for moisture


p.s. I roasted again tonight and I added a medley of colored carrots, brussel sprouts, potatoes and peppers.  I’m out of onions so you can use whatever you have on hand!


whole wheat berry muffins

Growing up in Utah means lots of snow.  Which I love.  My mom would always have warm goodies ready for us when we came in from the cold.  She was awesome like that.  I loved her homeade hot coco recipe, which i’ll have to post on here, and she would often make us muffins on cold snowy mornings.  So naturally, when it snowed and snowed last weekend I decided we needed some muffins.  I whipped up some whole wheat berry muffins, with cream cheese.  They turned out pretty good but a little heavy.  Whole wheat will do that.  You don’t have to use whole wheat flour (the recipe just calls for flour) but I always try to sub whole wheat wherever I can.  B is getting used to it :). I also cut back on the sugar which turned out ok too.   B is also getting used to that too.  Overall they turned out yummy and the best part was we had hearty homemade muffins all weekend for breakfast.  B brought me warmed up muffins on sunday morning for Breakfast in bed.  He’s a sweetie.

berry muffins

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes (But watch them, mine cooked faster)
Yield: 1 dozen

  • 2 c. flour  (I used 1.3/4 cup whole wheat and 1/4 c white)
  • 1T baking powder
  • 1/2 t. salt
  • 3T sugar ( I only did 1T and they turned out great.  I’d use honey next time)
  • 1 egg beaten
  • 1 cup milk (I subbed milk for almond milk since I didn’t have regular milk)
  • 3T oil
  • Mix dry ingredients in one bowl.  In another bowl mix wet ingredients, egg, milk and oil.  Combine all at once.  Stir.  Add berries (fresh or frozen.  If frozen I’d defrost them in water and then drain.  Add the berries at the very end to mix as least as possible.  If you do whole wheat the dough will be think so you can add a little more milk if you need too.  Spray the muffin tin or use cups.    Spoon into tins until 3/4 full.  I wanted to try some cream cheese so I added some chunks to the muffins and it was a great addition.  Add 2-3 chunks  of cream cheese when the mix is in the cup.  It’s too messy otherwise.  Bake at 450 for 20-25 minutes   Mine cooked in 10-15 so watch them carefully.  You don’t want to burn these tastly little gems!


healthy-ish cookie bites

Planning to try these cookies out soon.  Just saw them on a blog i’ll need to start following now that  i’m all into this blog-o-sphere.  At least that what B tells me because I keep ignoring him for the 1 person that currently looks at my blog.  Like right now I just finished some late night working when it’s quiet and I can think and process.  I even had a late night lightbulb moment as a response to this brilliant marketing blog I read daily i love lightbulbs. Meanwhile, that B yells from our room that it’s time for work to be over.  However, I can hear him listening to this.  Did I tell you he turned on the christmas tree, lights sans christmas music so our house was cozy when  Miss S and I got home.   She was coming to inspect my tree.  She’s into christmas.  So is B.

I’ll let you know how the chocolate, hummas, PB cookeis turn out.  Likely, B will tell me they are too healthy and he would rather just have regular CC cookies.  But…I will try to get away with it.

vegeterian curry in a hurry

Vegetarian curry  (no sugar added)

Vegetarian curry in a hurry – No sugar added. B sampling the final product.

Got home from work late and forgot that I didn’t have many things for dinner.  I made curry and tried to make do with what I had.  Since I was home late, I tried to cook it faster so I boiled the potatoes and carrots, which made the potatoes dry and not as flavorful as i’ve had before.  In the future, i’ll saute the potatoes in coconut oil/milk/spices with the onion and carrot. Also, milk saved the day.  It was pretty dry so I added milk to juice it up and keep everything moist.  It was a good game time decision.

Overall this dish turned out pretty good, but would have been better with some meats in it.  It got  good reviews from B, but he would have preferred meats.  He is so predictable :).  I’d give it a 6, but it was quick,  easy and tasty.   We made gingerbread cookies for dessert, Which I burned.  Ewweps. Time for eggnogg and burned ginerbread cookies!  ‘Tis the season!!

vegetarian  curry in a hurry: Serves 4-5
(use whatever curry appropriate veggies you have on hand)

-3 carrots – sliced
-3 potatoes (I’d do 2 next time) – sliced
-1/2 bag frozen peas
-1 onion – sliced (but i’d chop it next time)
-2-4 Tbs Coconut oil
McCormic Curry powder (3 T but to taste.  You want a rich curry flavor.)
-1 T – ish agave necter  – Optional
-1 c. 2% milk (or any creamy product)
-Fresh sage 3-4 leaves chopped – Optional
-Few shakes of Trader Joe’s 21 seasoning salute
-S&P to taste

I started by sautéing  the onion in the coconut oil.  Next, I boiled the potatoes and carrots. But, skip the boiling and just add the potatoes and carrots to the onion in the milk/curry/mixture.  Add the peas in the last few minutes of cooking. Add the other spices/agave to taste.  Done when the veggies are soft and the flavor is rich.  If you serve with meat, add it when the veggies are almost done.  McCormick recommends marinating the meat, which I did last time I made curry and it was awesome.  I served over quiona. Serves 4-5.  I’ll make again with the modifications I mentioned above.

You probably noticed my stove is yellow?  Stove, sink and counters straight out of the 70’s.