NYC – Greenwich Village


Greenwich village is really cool. Loved the vibe there.

Miss B. love NYC.


canyonlands 13.1 – recap

We did it.  We ran the moab half marathon!

We didn’t end up training as good as we had hoped,  I injured my neck and B was supportive in that neck injury, so our longest run was 4.4 miles.  I literally only ran 7 miles total before running this race, so I’m just glad that I finished.  Previously i’ve trained better waaay better.  So, I was just hoping we both finished.  My hip was killing mile 9-13 but the course was beautiful and the weekend was awesome, so all in all it was great.  Funny how now, I can’t even remember the pain. 

The energy, push, grit and strength of runners is inspiring and so fun to be a part of on race day.  It was my 6th race.  It was B’s first half.  So fun!

My race tally list…
Lancaster county, PA –  half marathon
Richmond, VA – half marathon
8tuff miles, St. John USVI
Salt Lake City, UT –  half marathon
Provo, UT  – halloween half marathon
Ogden, Ut –  marathon
Canyon-lands, UT – half marathon

san francisco in 24 hours

Awesome.  Going to san fan.

But, only staying 24 hours with only 4 hours to explore the city.  Not quite as awesome.

My thoughts? Fun cool city and really chill/hib/urban vibe.  I’ve never been to san fran, so it was fun to be there, if only for a second.  I hiked a hill, rode a trolley, went to the pier, ate shimp-sourdough-clam chowder.  Ate sushi.  Learned a ton about RTB, which was fabulous.  Met people from Israel, Sydney, Gold Cost (Australia), Nepal, NY, LA, Montana, Hawaii, and San Fran.  What a day!

Here are a few pic’s I snapped from the city.

You know what else, I missed B.  I like him.  I used to be so free and independent and now, I like life more when he is around.  True fact.

I also was really happy to come home to my home/life/garden/bed.  My seeds are growing like seeds!

canyonlands half marathon


B&I are running 13.1 miles in beautiful Moab Ut.

It should be awesome.


*source Moab Half Marathon 

I’m a little nervous since I injured my neck and couldn’t train the last 3+ weeks.  B was supportive of my neck so he didn’t train much either.

I may be more like walk-running, but my goal is to have fun and finish!

I’m excited, it’s my 5th half and B’s 1st!  Our first together!

Oh, spring….it is SO nice to finally see you.




oregon road trip – portland & the coast

Let’s talk about road trips.  They are so awesome.  I grew up with road trips each summer.  Red and white van.  UT -> PA, all 9 of us.  Some of the most wonderful and happy memories of my childhood spent in that 12 passenger van, on the highway, headed to Nanny & Pop-pop’s house on 53 Potts Avenue, Pennsylvania.

In September 2012, B’s sister and her darling family (all who we absolutely adore) live in Portland.  I’ve never been.  They are leaving soon, so we thought it a great idea to head to portland to visit.  We drove to Boise, and had a hilarious and fun night with one of my favorite mission companions followed by a few hours of sleep until we arrived in the columbia river gorge.

Let’s talk about the columbia river gorge for a minute.  I don’t know if I have been to many places more beautiful.  We drove it in the morning and watched the men fishing, views of mt renier, the landscape change from dry/rural/farms to a million hue’s of green.   All while that powerful river flowed down toward the ocean.   It was awesome.  We stopped to see the handiwork of B’s grandpa Maynard and his wood carved birds,  see the salmon swim upstream through the salmon ladders,  hiked to a waterfall, and a quick stop at the famous Multnomah falls.

IMG_5774 IMG_5773 IMG_5769

Oregon coast

We arrived in Portland just in time for the saturday afternoon market and lunch at the food carts.  The market was a sight with people of all different shapes and sizes; artists and vendors of all varieties, musicians (some more talented than others), and people who’s stories I would have loved to have heard.

What a city!


Later than night we went on a double date to the bollywood theatre – which featured idian street food.  For dinner, I enjoyed one of THE most delicious meals of my life!   Perfect temperatures, delicious food,  great company, and funky portland vibe.  One of the servers was wearing a – Keep Portland Weird – shirt.  Awesome.


Dinner followed by an attempt to go to the portland mansion, and dessert at sweet&salty where we tried the most odd and delicious flavors of ice cream.  Lavender ice cream?  Strawberry balsamic ice-cream?  Peppered mint?

Luckily the line was 45 minutes long, luckily the girls shopped and the boys waited, just enough time to find a boutique with some earrings.  Score!


Sunday was spent at church (we had gluten free sacrament bread), the beautiful lake osweago park, and a delicious meal made by our generous hosts.  (citris shrimp, mexican corn, and lime cilantro rice!).  We love them, lots!

Monday we headed to THE COAST and spent the afternoon at cannon beach & hug point state park where we played in the sand for hours, ran along the beach as the tides came and went, and enjoyed the fresh coastal air.  The day ended with evening pizza and walks around the town.  It was a perfect day.

IMG_5795 IMG_5798 IMG_5780 IMG_5786 IMG_5806 IMG_5777

Oregon is so beautiful, so lush and green, and so funky!  I loved the trees, I loved the coast with all of the haystack rocks, stunning views, and time with wonderful family.  Are those girls not adorable!  They are full of life, fun, giggles, energy, and we just LOVE them.  It was a such a great trip!  Love that whole portland bunch.  A whole lot.

Our adventures driving the coast for the next 5 days – to come!

st. thomas – st. John – best of USVI

When I was 25 I had a quarter life crisis.  I dated 3 boys in a row my 24th year and things didn’t work out.  My heart got hurt a little and I needed some adventure and change… So, I quit my job (that I loved) and took another opportunity to go live and work in the Caribbean for a while.  It was one of the highlights of my life and such an adventure.  People often ask me for my recommendations and so I put together this list of the highlights, sorto-of a BEST-OF.   It’s hard to fit 6 months of experiences into one vacation, at least you’ll have a starting point!


ST. Thomas Beaches:
Megan’s Bay – evening.  get’s busy in the day
Sandy Bay
Mermaids Chair – on the west end.  fun to explore!
Santa Maria (adventurous.  You’ll want to snorkel around the point on the right side)
Smith Bay – a non-resort beach
Sapphire Beach

St. John Beaches:
Solomon Beach – 1.5m hike from cruz bay
Maho – Stingray & turtles
Francis – Gorgeous
Leinster to Waterlemon. (amazing snorkeling)
Salt Pond
Reef Bay (hike the reef bay trail)
Limetree Cove & Hansen Beach

St. Thomas Food:
Ritz – Sushi & Desserts.
Bologno Resort Restaurant
Udder Delight – shakes in Megan’s bay

St. John Food:
BBQ street vendor
Smoothie from smoothie stand
Banana Deck
Street Tacos
Skinny Legs
Mis Lucy’s

St. John – 
Cinnamon Bay Campground – Tent/Cottage/Dry site
Maho Beach: Campground
Concordia – Eco Resort
Villa Rentals

St. Thomas – 
Marriott, Ritz, Sapphire Beach

Must Dos:
Day Trip or multi day trip to Virgin Gorda – The baths are phenomenal!
Snorkeling, alot
Scuba diving
Kayak – Through the mangroves in STT and hurricane hole STJ
Paddle Board
Hike the Reef Bay Trail and Rams Head Trail in STJ
Monday Night movies on the beach – Water Island
Try Patte, Johnny Cakes & Conch Fritters
Swim at night to see the bio-luminescent organisms

USVI – trip recap

5 days in the USVI was awesome.  I loved sharing it with B and the wild chickens and wild donkeys.

Below is our Trip Recap.

I hope you all go to the USVI one day!


It begins. STL – ATL red eye

Day 1: Arrive in STT.  Rent our Car (Budget and Avis are the only rental companies that allow you to take a car to St. John)
Drive from the Airport to RedHook.  Take the car ferry for ($50 RT) to Cruz Bay.  Arrive in Cruz Bay and head to Cinnamon Bay where we camped.  Camping on the beach was really awesome; safe, clean, affordable and really humid :).   We went for a dip in the water at sunset…and then ate at the cafe at the camp.  The food was actually pretty dang awesome; Creoloe shrimp, rice&beans, and macoroni.  They had a caribbean band and we jammed out to some Bob Marley tunes while people watching; the 60’year old ladies getting their groove on in the corner,  the retirees playing scrabble and the people from the midwest smuggling in lots of alcohol.  Welcome to the Caribbean!


It really is this beautiful!!
View of Trunk Bay STJ and our classy ford fiesta rental car!


Ahh…Vacation at last…

Day 2: B’s 30th Birthday!!  
Woke up and hiked the Leinster Bay trail to Watermelon Cay.  The hike was  further than I remember but still beautiful.  We didn’t have our cameras but the snorkeling around the Cay and also to the point is beautiful.  Fish.  Beautiful Coral.  Sting Rays.  Conch.   Starfish.  We headed to the other side of the island to  Skinny Legs to eat burgers @ one awesome laid-back place.  Nothing like a burger in paradise.   After lunch, we spent the afternoon at Limetree cove and Hansen Beach where B got poked by a sea urchin, not a good idea.  Ended the day for sunset at Maho Bay with the stingrays.   We went to Cruz bay for dinner and since we don’t drink we did a restaurant crawl for good food & to celebrate B’s birthday.  We ate Street Tacos from the Spaniards stand, then had conch fritters and grilled tamarind/Jalapeño Mahi from the banana deck and ended with the best BBQ in the world from another street vendor.  We headed back for cold drinks on Cinnamon Bay!  What a birthday!!


30th Birthday @ Limetree beach. Look at that guy!


Enjoying limetree!


Out for his first snorkel at limetree. Can you believe this paradise!


Birthday burger @ skinny legs


Birthday dinner @ street food BBQ STJ

Day 3:
  We started the day with a hike to the beautiful Francis Beach.  BEAUTIFUL, calm and serene beach.  LOVE.  We saw turtles, octopus, and fish and stingray while snorkeling.  When we got hungary we headed into cruz bay and ate sandwiches and salads at the Deli Grotto.  Which were tasty.  We headed back to Cinnamon to enjoy the afternoon in a quite shady spot on the beach and then we tried our hand at paddle-boarding   So fun!!  For sunset we headed out to Caneel bay resort, which was the perfect spot to enjoy a quiet sunset with the rich ! Someday maybe we could afford to stay there, that resort was incredible!!  After dark we headed into town for round #2 and the BBQ joint in Cruz Bay and some more fish taco’s.  Honestly some of the best BBQ we’ve ever had.  We went swimming back at Cinnamon with the bio-luminescent organisms and hopefully not the sharks.  Creepy but so fun!!


hiking to francis beach STJ


foggy lense @ francis beach STJ


Our shady spot at francis beach


sunset @ caneel bay


gorgeous sunset!


cool ruins @ caneel and handsome husb

Day 4: 
We got up and at it early and headed to hike the Rams Head Trail over at Salt Pond Bay.  The trail was exposed and we wanted to do it in the morning.  It was beautiful.  It’s amazing how arid the west side of the island is compared to the east side.  After the hike we snorkel around Salt Pond and out to the point and around the point.  IT was  a LONG swim but the snorkeling out at the point is amazing.  Some of the most beautiful fish, coral, and underwater life we had seen.   We saw tons of fish, and a sea caterpillar which was fun.  We headed to lunch and found the most amazing place for lunch and enjoyed we enjoyed one of the best  meals of our life.   We found Mis Lucy’s and it was gorgeous.  We had the PERFECT seat, delicious food and obviously I LOVED my company.  You’ve got to go to this place if you go to St. John.  We had a delicious jerk chicken cobb salad, a banana pina-colada johnny cakes, and the grouper sandwich.  It was unforgettable that meal and the experience.  We headed back to Maho beach for the afternoon/evening and watched the sunset at Maho, made a sand castle, and snorkel around with the turtles, fish, stingrays and just hung out.  We enjoyed dinner mountain man style on Cinnamon bay and enjoyed another dip in the ocean at dark.  It was the best of days.


gorgeous salt pond bay


sweaty hikers to rams head point


best lunch EVER!


Can you believe that view?!


worth documenting the grouper sandwich and jerk chicken cobb salad


view from mis lucys


sunset dinner on the beach…backpacking style!

 Day 5:  We took the 8am ferry to St. Thomas and enjoyed seeing smith bay, peterborg point, megans bay (where I lived), shakes at udder delight, walking through Charlotte Amille, and lunch at the greenhouse, and driving on the west end.  We boarded our plane to head back home after a great trip and were able to cath some of the Superbowl on our layover.


happy to be at maho!


megans bay STT

An amazing Trip and worth every penny!  The good news – we stayed on budget (under 2K) and didn’t get sunburned!  Thank goodness for SPF 1700 and shade!

And now we have the rest of our livse to think about the memories we made in the USVI!!