Hi Bloggigity friends.  I am C.  I am a late twenty, married, working gal just getting settled into my life on bonita.


B is my husband for just over a year.  I really like him.  We got married on a snowy day in November 2011.


We bought a home in June 2012 on Bonita.  It is a 70’s gem with lots of character, lots of cedar siding, lots of brown and yellow tones and lots of projects to do!!

I started this blog as a place to document our simple lives, share ideas and connect with other people!

These are some of the things  I’ll write about and will give you some context to our lives & posts.

Gardening:  I am a rookie learning how to grow things.  I am no pro.  Growing a garden is lots harder to do than I realized and so much more rewarding than I imagined.  I LOVE it and can often be found reading about vegetables in my spare time.

-Food:  We really LOVE food.  Pretty much in any form, we love it.   I love to cook.  Since starting this blog i’ve realized my cooking philosipy is to figure out how to 1) use what I have 2) make it as healthy as possible  3)Make it taste good.   I post my own recipes, recipes I try and review, and other Healthy recipe ideas and sneaky ways to eat your veggies, or not so sneaky if you ask B.  My mom and Nanny were awesome cooks.  I’ll post some of our favorite family recipes too. We’ll also review novelty items and restaurant’s we try out.   Fun!

-Life: You know you like a little personal info.  B is married to C (11.12.11).  B is handsome, really cool, and hilarious.  C is me, and I sure adore that B.  We are enjoying our kidless years and adventures!

House Projects: Documenting the transformation of our little 70’s gem.  Lovingly referred to as the “cedar palace” or CP.  Located on Bonita Way.  For reals!  We have some awesome trees and are planting a large garden this year.

-Family:  We have a pretty large one and they are all pretty awesome.  We really like them.  We are also pretty crazy about our n&n’s (nieces and nephews).

-Adventures:  I was that girl who tried to go whole summers without wearing shoes so my feet could get tough like Indians (we learned about them in Utah studies).  I also drank out of gutters.   Not sure if those two things classify me as someone who likes adventure but I do, so does B.  We live in a cool place that has cool places to adventure in.  I’m sure you do too.

-Music:  We love music.  We go to shows.  Music is a big part of our lives.  B is a music producer and runs a recording studio in our home.  C likes to sing, listen and is currently learning the uke.

-Faith:  We are Mormon.  I love my faith and the strength and hope it gives to me. It’s a big part of our lives.  Click here to learn more about what we believe.

-Grief:  My thoughts on loosing a loved one.  Lost my mom Nov 2011. B lost his dad, March 2007.   Both fought cancer.

-Online Marketing:  I do it 40+ hours a week and really love it.  I have an awesome boss at a stellar company.  I am very blessed.  I may mention my jobbie from time to time.



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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog today! I get giddy when I see an unfamiliar name in the likes or comments!. 🙂

  2. sorry…another one from me … is there a box to click (or form to fill in) so that I may follow you via email? I looked pretty thoroughly but can’t locate one.

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