hard things

Yesterday was full of hard things.  Sadness.  Innocent people suffering, even loosing their lives.  My heart is with Boston.

It is hard to take in, understand and process these events that keep happening.  The Why in the mess of it all?

I also have a work-friend who’s dad is fighting cancer.  I feel for her.  It brings back the feelings that I have and had about loosing my mom to cancer.  The pain I felt in that loss, the pain of loosing a loved one, grief.  Real physical heart-pain caused by the loss of life of someone so precious to you and you love so dearly.

That experience has caused me to grow immensely and look at life differently.  It also has provided me with deep feelings for people who are going through pain.  To watch good people suffer is really hard.
Life  is full of hard things, painful things, things that we don’t have any control of and that really hurt us, and our loved ones.

I’ve been thinking about all of the pain that is in the world.  The abuse, wars, fighting, loosing loved ones, loneliness, depression, struggles, selfishness, greed, pride, tragedy, and hate.

There is ALOT of pain and suffering in our world.  It’s all over the news, in the faces of those around us, within our own minds and hearts.

I don’t have all the answers.  I’m trying to work thorough my own feelings and thoughts, and my own pain.  There are people suffering in my neighborhood, my family.
There is also messy “stuff”  happening in my extended family that I don’t agree with or think is right.  It hurts those I love.  It hurts me.

I  can be the source of Pain.  Even though I try my best not to, we all inflict pain on others.  Ironically, we hurt those we love the most.

I’m learning that the more I learn about pain, unfairness, and suffering the more I am amazed at the resiliently of the human spirit and the life of Jesus Christ.

He is the healer and has suffered for our pain individually and collectively.
So we don’t have to suffer alone.   So we can be forgiven when we hurt, and we can forgive those that hurt.
The knowledge of that brings me hope and peace when I don’t understand the WHY?

I rely on my faith in Christ.
It helps me focus on the light amidst much darkness.
There is still so much good in the world.


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