san francisco in 24 hours

Awesome.  Going to san fan.

But, only staying 24 hours with only 4 hours to explore the city.  Not quite as awesome.

My thoughts? Fun cool city and really chill/hib/urban vibe.  I’ve never been to san fran, so it was fun to be there, if only for a second.  I hiked a hill, rode a trolley, went to the pier, ate shimp-sourdough-clam chowder.  Ate sushi.  Learned a ton about RTB, which was fabulous.  Met people from Israel, Sydney, Gold Cost (Australia), Nepal, NY, LA, Montana, Hawaii, and San Fran.  What a day!

Here are a few pic’s I snapped from the city.

You know what else, I missed B.  I like him.  I used to be so free and independent and now, I like life more when he is around.  True fact.

I also was really happy to come home to my home/life/garden/bed.  My seeds are growing like seeds!


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