life lessons – when you see something good – say it

Words taken from the life history of my mom.


When you see something good be Generous and Say it.

When we see something good be generous and say it: Everyone will be blessed.  “Cheer and bless and brighten every single day”.  Don’t be fake or phony, but when you see good or beauty or potential or talent, tell someone:  And look for those things.  Look for the good the beautiful and wonderful things in life.

Many times I have told people what a nice smile they have, or how I like their hairstyle, or what a cheerful voice they speak in, or a hundred other things that we notice about people and we don’t say.  Most of the time, people will say things to me like “well, you just made my day” or “I needed to hear that”.  You end up not only lifting the other person but their response to it lifts you.  So you feel good about them, and they feel good about themselves and you, it creates a positive zone and it’s not fake and it’s not flattery.  It’s actually noticing something.  It’s like noticing the beautiful blue sky and saying to the Sky “Sky, you are a beautiful blue color today”.  It’s not flattery it’s not dishonest.

It takes a couple of things: 1) Noticing the good and 2) Remarking on it.

Thanking a person.  Telling a person.  That is what the gratitude journal is.  It is noticing something that the Lord has given us and being grateful for it.  Doing that changes us.  We can either contribute in this world for good or for evil.  I just think in this life you want to contribute for good.   Right now BYU has a campaign where they give out cameras and ask people to take pictures of the beauty they see and send them the pictures.  Way to go BYU.

So, look for the good.  And when you see the good, share it!

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