blue skies & freedom

You know what is awesome?

Blue skies and snow capped Utah mountains.  I mean, Jan-Feb were SOOOO gray around these parts.  No sunshine.  No blue sky.  Smog.  Inversion for over 3 weeks.  Snow.  Ice.  Slush.  Snow.  So today, when we were driving to sunday dinner at Mamma J’s (My fun M-I-L) I couldn’t help but die a little at the sight of the beautiful rocky mountains and bright blue sky.   It’s been a really long winter around here and we are ready for spring.

photo (63)photo (64)

It’s also pretty cool when your darling 11 year old nephew calls to personally invite you to attend his “country program” at school.  You know, that one where they sing 50 nifty united states, God bless the USA and the great elementary school songs that make you proud to be American?  I may have teared up a little bit, I mean, it’s not unusual for me to do that, but just seeing this little guy who I adore so grown up, all these other darling 11yr olds singing these great songs, thinking of the principles our country was built on and the sacrifices of freedom in general.  Amazing.  I’m sure this was partially related to the fact that I recnely watched the movie Hotel Rwanda and Lincoln, both which i’d highly recommend.  I was deeply moved by the pain and suffering of so many people during those times of civil war in both the US and Rwanda.   I’m amazed at the goodness of people, stories, sufferings, realities. and strength of the human spirit when facing overwhelming odds.

It is humbling that my life has been so good, and for a moment at this little elementary school, I didn’t take that for granted.  I felt very grateful for the goodness, freedom, and opportunity I have been given.

 photo (57)


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