How to start seeds indoors

Starting seeds indoors has always seemed super overwhelming.  But,  I decided to make an attempt.  It’s much cheaper and hopefully I will be able to get the majority of my garden out of these seeds and some awesome plant variety.  We will see.

Here are a few steps, that I had to look up, before starting your seeds.
Great resource and super cool blog via garden betty

Steps to starting seeds:

1-Get your containers ready, cleaned and prepped (many options available just choose which one you prefer)

photo (54)
2-Wet the seeding soil you have.  Most sources recommend using pre-wet soil to watering after planting.

photo (53)

3- Plant the seeds, label them well

photo (55)photo (52)

4-Put them into a warm most place (preferably covered) to germinate

photo (51)

5-Once they germinate you need to give them a light source (window or grow light)

6-When the grow big and hearty you may need to transplant them (depending on the side of your tray)
7-Climateize them but putting them in shade/partial sun/working to full sun to prep them for being in the “real world”
8-Plant them in your garden (but watch for frosts and hasards you don’t want all your work to go to waste.

I’ll post my full list of each plant, but that will have to come later.  Happy Germinating!

 photo (50)


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