life lessons – feeling special

These are the words written by my mother – taken from her life’s history.


Feeling Special

I had a good childhood.  It was filled with many things, happy times, and trips, loving people, variety and stability both, along with a share of sorrow and hurt, sadness and pain.  I had good health and a good mind. My parents loved me, aunts that surrounded me,  and uncles and a grandmother who loved me and made me feel special. That is the first thing I want to write about.  Feeling special.

I grew up feeling special.  I don’t know when I realized I felt special, but I think I must have always felt that way.  Sometimes I would imagine I was a princess hidden in an unfamiliar world like sleeping beauty taken from the castle and raised in the forest. I knew I was loved, I felt smart; I felt I was supposed to do something.  I thought about it and pondered it from time to time, and I didn’t know what that something was, but I knew I had a special mission. From time to time, I would, when the moment seemed right, explore how other people felt.  I would ask them if they felt they had a mission.  But no one ever responded positively.  I have, as an adult, found others who felt that way, but I never did while growing up.  Maybe it was this sense of mission, or maybe it was that no one else felt that way, or maybe it was the love of my parents and aunts, uncles, grandparents, perhaps a combination of all, which made me feel special. Maybe it was a gift from the Lord.  I know it protected me growing up and I know it helped me in my life.  It made me very careful to choose the right, to make wise and obedient choices. Sometimes I would think, “What would a mission President’s wife do”.  I think I thought that because in the Mission Field, a Mission Presidents wife was the highest authority that I knew.  So I thought of her and what she would do and what choices she would make.   I know this feeling special has contributed to my optimism and happiness. I am grateful for it.

So the lesson here would be to help people feel special, especially our children and family.  Knowing we are children of divine parents, sent here to learn and grow to become more like our parents in heaven is a special thing.  I have heard many general authorities speak of our personal missions.  Some people call it destiny or fate.   One of my favorite books is Daughter of a King  a story about a little girl who is taught that she is a princess.  That is how I felt and what I want my children and grandchildren to feel.  To feel special.


2 Responses to life lessons – feeling special

  1. Making people feel special aids the development of their self respect. I can’t imagine a better gift for a child.
    Beautiful post!!

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