spring suprise

I’ve only lived in my house for 9 months, so I’ve never lived here in spring.  In the fall, I discovered bulbs everywhere that I didn’t know existed ( they had already bloomed and died by the time we moved in).  The best benefit of buying a older home to fix up and update is the mature yard and trees (which was a HUGE selling point for us!) although has proved to be lots of work!

When we were working on our yard this fall I discovered bulbs everywhere.  Tiny ones and a few different varieties.  I tried to save as many of them as I could, even though B thought I was a bit over-attached to each bulb.  I knew that come spring I’d be in love, and so, I’ve been excited all winter to see them grow, meet the little flowers, and see what they are!  It is the best surprise and feels almost like christmas, but better, because warm weather and gardening are just around the corner.    They aren’t quite blooming yet, but almost!  Check out that darling yellow one!  Grow little flower Grow!!

Hopefully a big utah snow dosen’t come in and squash them.   Oh Utah 🙂

photo (47) photo (46)

Anyone know what they might be?


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