oregon road trip – portland & the coast

Let’s talk about road trips.  They are so awesome.  I grew up with road trips each summer.  Red and white van.  UT -> PA, all 9 of us.  Some of the most wonderful and happy memories of my childhood spent in that 12 passenger van, on the highway, headed to Nanny & Pop-pop’s house on 53 Potts Avenue, Pennsylvania.

In September 2012, B’s sister and her darling family (all who we absolutely adore) live in Portland.  I’ve never been.  They are leaving soon, so we thought it a great idea to head to portland to visit.  We drove to Boise, and had a hilarious and fun night with one of my favorite mission companions followed by a few hours of sleep until we arrived in the columbia river gorge.

Let’s talk about the columbia river gorge for a minute.  I don’t know if I have been to many places more beautiful.  We drove it in the morning and watched the men fishing, views of mt renier, the landscape change from dry/rural/farms to a million hue’s of green.   All while that powerful river flowed down toward the ocean.   It was awesome.  We stopped to see the handiwork of B’s grandpa Maynard and his wood carved birds,  see the salmon swim upstream through the salmon ladders,  hiked to a waterfall, and a quick stop at the famous Multnomah falls.

IMG_5774 IMG_5773 IMG_5769

Oregon coast

We arrived in Portland just in time for the saturday afternoon market and lunch at the food carts.  The market was a sight with people of all different shapes and sizes; artists and vendors of all varieties, musicians (some more talented than others), and people who’s stories I would have loved to have heard.

What a city!


Later than night we went on a double date to the bollywood theatre – which featured idian street food.  For dinner, I enjoyed one of THE most delicious meals of my life!   Perfect temperatures, delicious food,  great company, and funky portland vibe.  One of the servers was wearing a – Keep Portland Weird – shirt.  Awesome.


Dinner followed by an attempt to go to the portland mansion, and dessert at sweet&salty where we tried the most odd and delicious flavors of ice cream.  Lavender ice cream?  Strawberry balsamic ice-cream?  Peppered mint?

Luckily the line was 45 minutes long, luckily the girls shopped and the boys waited, just enough time to find a boutique with some earrings.  Score!


Sunday was spent at church (we had gluten free sacrament bread), the beautiful lake osweago park, and a delicious meal made by our generous hosts.  (citris shrimp, mexican corn, and lime cilantro rice!).  We love them, lots!

Monday we headed to THE COAST and spent the afternoon at cannon beach & hug point state park where we played in the sand for hours, ran along the beach as the tides came and went, and enjoyed the fresh coastal air.  The day ended with evening pizza and walks around the town.  It was a perfect day.

IMG_5795 IMG_5798 IMG_5780 IMG_5786 IMG_5806 IMG_5777

Oregon is so beautiful, so lush and green, and so funky!  I loved the trees, I loved the coast with all of the haystack rocks, stunning views, and time with wonderful family.  Are those girls not adorable!  They are full of life, fun, giggles, energy, and we just LOVE them.  It was a such a great trip!  Love that whole portland bunch.  A whole lot.

Our adventures driving the coast for the next 5 days – to come!

6 Responses to oregon road trip – portland & the coast

  1. I have never been to Oregon but every time I read about it or view photos it reminds me of why I need to get there!

    • lifeonbonita says:

      Kat! You must go, you’d love it. Oregon has a really different vibe, and then those towns along the coast, they are the best. AND, the vistas as you drive through is unlike anything i’ve ever seen. I hope you get there in 2013!!

  2. Sartenada says:

    Awesome photos, especially those water fall photos.

    • lifeonbonita says:

      Thank you! We don’t have a nice/fancy/hi-quality camera yet…so thanks for the comment! Lucky for us it was so beautiful, that even our phone cameras could make them look ok!

  3. Lindsay says:

    That was such a fun trip! Fun memories! We can’t wait for your road trip to Denver.

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