st. thomas – st. John – best of USVI

When I was 25 I had a quarter life crisis.  I dated 3 boys in a row my 24th year and things didn’t work out.  My heart got hurt a little and I needed some adventure and change… So, I quit my job (that I loved) and took another opportunity to go live and work in the Caribbean for a while.  It was one of the highlights of my life and such an adventure.  People often ask me for my recommendations and so I put together this list of the highlights, sorto-of a BEST-OF.   It’s hard to fit 6 months of experiences into one vacation, at least you’ll have a starting point!


ST. Thomas Beaches:
Megan’s Bay – evening.  get’s busy in the day
Sandy Bay
Mermaids Chair – on the west end.  fun to explore!
Santa Maria (adventurous.  You’ll want to snorkel around the point on the right side)
Smith Bay – a non-resort beach
Sapphire Beach

St. John Beaches:
Solomon Beach – 1.5m hike from cruz bay
Maho – Stingray & turtles
Francis – Gorgeous
Leinster to Waterlemon. (amazing snorkeling)
Salt Pond
Reef Bay (hike the reef bay trail)
Limetree Cove & Hansen Beach

St. Thomas Food:
Ritz – Sushi & Desserts.
Bologno Resort Restaurant
Udder Delight – shakes in Megan’s bay

St. John Food:
BBQ street vendor
Smoothie from smoothie stand
Banana Deck
Street Tacos
Skinny Legs
Mis Lucy’s

St. John – 
Cinnamon Bay Campground – Tent/Cottage/Dry site
Maho Beach: Campground
Concordia – Eco Resort
Villa Rentals

St. Thomas – 
Marriott, Ritz, Sapphire Beach

Must Dos:
Day Trip or multi day trip to Virgin Gorda – The baths are phenomenal!
Snorkeling, alot
Scuba diving
Kayak – Through the mangroves in STT and hurricane hole STJ
Paddle Board
Hike the Reef Bay Trail and Rams Head Trail in STJ
Monday Night movies on the beach – Water Island
Try Patte, Johnny Cakes & Conch Fritters
Swim at night to see the bio-luminescent organisms


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