lessons learned from the kink

I hurt my neck doing a thruster @ cross fit.  Apparently i was doing it wrong so my neck muscle/upper back was ticked.  And now…I’m 3 days and 2 massages into recovering from my neck muscle being ticked.

My co-workers kept calling me R2-D2.  Awesome.

You know, I’ve realized that I am really grateful for all the days my neck does work.  I literally could not do anything and was pretty miserable.  I was grateful that most likely, my neck will get better and my life will go on.  I feel for those with chronic illnesses, or nerve/back issues.  I can’t imagine what they must go through each day and the effort it requires to do anything.   Life would be lots different.  It made me also think of my mom and the pain she suffered/endured as she fought terminal cancer.

We are all pretty fragile and not as tough as we think we are.





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