Happy Valentines Day!

It’s fun to have a Valentine.  There were lots of years where I didn’t’ have a valentine so I got used to just thinking of valentines as a day to celebrate those I loved, and not just who I was planning to smooche later that night.   Most vanlentines days I remember getting ditched or breaking up the week before.  It’s fine though, I learned I didn’t really NEEED a valentine when I had my mom, dad, sisters, friends, n&n’s.  I would enjoy the glitter, sparkles and treats and think of the many balentines of my life and the people I loved.  Why be sad when I was surronded by people who I loved and loved me.  Focus on the love you have, not the love you wish you had!

This year though, I have a Valentine, and I really adore and love him.  We we will be making fondue tonight and playing a board game in our cozy little house.  I’m going to try this recipe I found online.  I love fondue, like a lot, not that it’s like that original but I REALLY love it.  YUM!  And B and I love cooking together, especailly when it’s freezing outside and we just want to hang out in our cozy little house.

We made hot breakfast t his morning (german pancakes) and cupid decorated B’s car…or vandalized it.  He told me he thought he was in high-school again and everyone was looking at him when he drove to work!  HAHAHA!




Cupid’s handywork. B didn’t really like it that much. He thought everyone was staring at him all day. hahah!

Mis S is the cute-est and funniest.

Mis S is the cute-est and funniest.


Hope you share today with those you love, and celebrate love in all shapes, sizes and forms in our lives.  Love is great.

Xo, C


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