sometimes you need to celebrate – settebello

Sometimes life is really awesome.  Like when B get’s a really good new job.  You just need to take him out to dinner and make him hot breakfast and celebrate that life is good.  I feel like we are often blessed more than we deserve.  God is good.

We went to settebello, an authentic Italian restaurant that is absolutely delicious.  Their margarita pizza is incredible.  We also tried a prosciutto wrap – filled with arugula and goat cheese and one of the ensalada’s.  I got all gitty eating the greens looking forward to this summer when I can pull them out of my garden.

I made some blueberry muffins the next day for breakfast, I was going to try and surprise B with breakfast in bed but he woke up and heard me in the kitchen.  He was still pretty happy about the muffin situation.  I modified my muffin recipe from last time and added 1/2 cup white flour, they were lighter and fluffier and still hearty.

We are excited for life to take a positive turn with B’s new job!


2 Responses to sometimes you need to celebrate – settebello

  1. Love Settebello (I think it’s the same as the one here – looks like it!) And whohoo for awesome new job!

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