on wanting less

Just read an awesome article about overcoming fear.  Shutting out consumeristic behavior.  Making do with less.  Focusing NOT on what you have but what you can give.

I am trying to want less this year, to not be so motivated by that which has no value (fashionable clothes, nice cars, perfect house, perfect body, perfect everything etc..) but by things that have real value and weight and bring me true Joy.  Not that the things mentioned above don’t have a place, but the constant desire for them above anything else, can fill your life with emptiness.  I’m trying to focus on wanting less of those things, choosing to spend my time and energy in other ways.

Wanting less means being content and accepting the reality of your life, both goods and the bads.  Choosing to focus on the positive, not the negative.  Focusing NOT on what you don’t have but what you do with what you do, and what you are doing to GIVE back.   Not striving for success in a consumeristic society and killing yourself for more money to buy more expensive things…things…things…things…that do not bring happiness.  It is the people in your life.  The relationships of Love.  How you treat others. Your relationship with God.  Simple joys of mortality and the lessons learned from the hard.

Want to know what made me happy in the last 24-48 hours?
-seeing the beautiful snow fall and cover trees, outlined in white
-teaching my young women in Church a beautiful song
-spending time with B
-eating thai food with B’s family.  Sooo delicious.
-pulling up to sunday dinner with my entire family.  OH!! Love them.
-playing with the darling little 1-2 year olds in my family
-Running 3 miles
-Playing music
-A good night sleep
-Good people who are kind, generous and good
-Thinking of my sweet mom and what an amazing woman she was
-Visiting with the teachers at Miz S’s school, they are such kind and generous people giving back to the special needs kids in our community.  I love that it is a place of peace, safety and refuge for Miz S the last three years.

None of that had a price tag.

(Well, none but the thai food)


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