I love carrots.  I love eating them cooked.  I love eating them raw.   I am a fan.   I buy the big bags of carrots and add them to lots of things.  Luckily B likes them too.

For the past couple years i’ve participated in a food co-op called bountiful baskets pretty consistently.  I love it because for $15 plus tax my fridge is stocked with fruits and veggies for a really great price.  It is about half the price of going to the supermarket and I love the variety and adventure of trying new things.  This week we got colored carrots which was exciting because they are usually a bit pricy at the store so we loved sampling them and seeing the different flavors.  The purple one tasted similar to a beet, the yellow was more sweet than just typical orange.   Moral of the story, colored carrots are cool.  I’m going to grow them in the garden this summer.

We made a teriyaki stir fry and use the pretty carrots in them.  This is B’s cooking face.  That is what he said when I took the pic.  Note, our beautiful yellow 70’s  kitchen.

carrot bouquetB's cooking face

*B made fun of this post as I’m writing it.  He turned to me and said “you should write a post about how you love carrots”.  He thinks he is so funny.  He then gave me 10 kisses.  I like that guy.  And he is actually really funny.

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