odds & ends

Let’s talk about a few things of importance today.

1. B doing a 285lb dead-lift today during our Crossfit workout. 
2. My Cross-fit shoes.  They are bomb; and stylin.



3. The faux brick linoleum in my kitchen see in pic above.  Gotta love that beauty.
4. Making grilled salmon and 16 servings of veggies for dinner.  

         4b. B’s comment after finishing dinner was “Whoa, there was my 6 veggies for the day”    
               followed by “thanks for working so hard to get veggies in me.”  Love him.
5. 5 days in the Caribbean is only 7 days away.  YES!
6. LOTS of work to do before then.  Can hardly believe Q1 is almost a 3rd over.  LOTS of work to do but it’s fun.  And I like it. 


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