tuesday nights – yw

Recently I was asked to volunteer with the youth in my church group, which means I attend their sunday school class with them, I teach them once a month and help plan and coordinate their weekly activities.   It’s weird to be the leader, I hardly feel old enough to do that.  But as i’ve been around these young ladies 12-18 years old I can’t but help but think of me at that age and the challenges I faced and the insecurities I had about myself.  I also have realized how cruitial those years are and what a significant impact they have on the rest of your life.  I’ve been thinking of the things that grounded me and realized they were:

  • Faith in God and relationship with Christ.  This grounded me and helped me to know who I was and what I stood for.
  • Family.  Especially my Mom & Sister T.
  • Good friends – Even though my friends changed throughout my teenage years I was always blessed with good friends.
  • Sports.  I played Soccer, Volleyball and Basketball.  Playing gave me confidence, somewhere to belong and a way to interact with my peers in a positive way.   And it was fun!
  • Music.  I played the clarinet in Band and sang in choir.  Love that music.
  • The vending machine.  I loved those Haribro frogs and Troll gummy octopuses.

I hope I can be a source of positivity for these young girls.  They are so full of life and spunk.  They have challenges in their lives that I didn’t have to face, but they are beautiful and I’m grateful to be able to spend time with them.

Tonight we made calzones and got to know each other.  It was a good night.

photo (32)


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