burned rolls – like a rock

There is something awesome about cooking.  Dreaming up what you are making.  Healthyiyizing it.  Finding the perfect recipe & then making it and feeling all domestic life when the Bster get’s home.  That was me tonight.  Whipping up some, aheem, spagetti (it was organic at least!) and then making whole wheat rolls from scratch.  By hand.  They looked awesome too.  They were light and were going to be delish.  Oh man, they would have tasted so so so so good.  But then, I burned them.  Dangit.  Hate that.  Didn’t remember to set the timer.  I’ll spare you the pic of the burned little rocks.  Sorry B you are going to be disappointed in me.

I really wanted to eat like all 12 of them.  And would have.  So maybe it’s best they burned.

Can I also make note that I’m currently in snow-storm-ageddion 2013.  It’s hitting us big time.  Love that white stuffs!

Also, had a big presentation at work today on my Display marketing stuff, and it wen’t pretty well.  Did I mention I love what I do and where I work?  It’s pretty awesome.


2 Responses to burned rolls – like a rock

  1. Lindsay says:

    Love your blog! It’s fun to hear all about your everyday life:) We miss you guys! We loved coming out to your house. Wish we could do that more often.

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