happy new year!!


I am back from a lengthy drought from the blog.  It’s been freeezing and snowy and cozy over here.  B and I had a great time holidaying and eating delicious food every. single. day.  We had partys and events and finished building the studio downstairs, more to come on that.  We celebrated New Years with good friends and good food.  We exchanged gifts, sang carols, laughed, drank the traditional homemade egg nog and had a great time.  It was a close to a good year, that brought lots of change and challenges and equally lots of growth and adventure.

Looking forward to a great new year this year and documenting some of the highlights on this here blog.

A few of my new years goals, I decided to go simple this year, i’m usually a very specific goal setter but this year I toned it back.

-pray daily.  be real.  be sincere.
-be more grateful
-look outside.  (think of others)
-want less
-love B more
-live in the moment
-healthy lifestyle changes
-look inside.  spend some time getting to to know me.

That is it.  That is what i’m going to try and do this year.  Well.. Annnd grow a awesome garden.  Annnnd go to Thailand.  Annnnd do a triathalon.  Aannnd i’m sure a bunch of other stuff but I tried to think of the things that would help me be happier and more at peace in my life.  That is what i’m going to do.  Plain and simple.

Hope you all enjoyed a happy new year!


NYE 2013

NYE 2013 toast with my favorite person of 2012.



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