merry christmas!

I will be celebrating.  eating.  chilling.  playing dodgeball.  eating more.  sleeping.  giving all my attention to B and my family for the next little bit and i’m really happy abou it.  Remind me to share with you the jalapeno Jelly recipe.  We will be eating that and cheese balls at every party.  I will try and post the last few advents though, but until then.

Merry Christmas, I hope it is filled with love and peace and Joy.

We all are blessed with much and I hope we pause, reflect, and enjoy time surrounded by those we love.

christmas eve luminaries

Here we are at my moms grave on Christmas Eve.  We put luminarys on the graves of our loved ones who have passed on.  We  sing carols and gather round and thinking of the Joy that comes with the hope of seeing loved ones again.

Rejoicing in the promises that were brought to us by the miracle birth of the Savior.

Singing these words brought new meaning to me this Christmas Eve.

Hail the heaven-born Prince of Peace! 
	Hail the Sun of Righteousness! 
	Light and life to all he brings, 
	risen with healing in his wings. 
	Mild he lays his glory by, 
	born that we no more may die, 
	born to raise us from the earth, 
	born to give us second birth. 
	Hark! the herald angels sing, 
	"Glory to the new born King!"

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