lil sis = hero

This is the sweetest sister of mine and her friend. I adore her.  I spent the morning at her school today, it was wonderful.  She called me with a personal invitation this morning.

“C it’s me.  Um, you have to watch me dance and sing at 9:30 at school.  Um, Um, Call me back C.  Bye”.

I have a really awesome boss who was cool with me going to the concert last minute.  Love that.  So I arrived at the school at 9:30 for the concert, only to find out that it really started at 10:30-10:45.  Shoot.  I walked to her classroom to say hi to figure out what to do.   It made my day to see her so excited to have me there.   She stood up and hugged me and introduced me to everyone.  “This is my sister C” she had me sit by her and we played some games in class (it was a party day).   There is a special feeling when you are surrounded by those with special needs.   My sis has loved it there and especially has loved the choir   I was really grateful when my boss was again really supportive of me staying the extra hour to watch the concert, which was so sweet.  They sang a jingle bell song, let there be peace on earth, and feliz  navidad.  You’ll have to watch the video, pay attention to her reaction when the music starts.

That is really true Joy.

They are angels sent to teach us about what really matters in life and what dosen’t.




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