weekend wrap

This weekend was good.

I rode frontrunner on friday night to meet B for his work christmas party.  That was awesome.


We ate at market street and had a really nice time.  I liked the people we sat by and being with B.  I also really really liked this chocolate cake.


On Saturday we had our church christmas party.  Somehow we mixed up the time and were 15 mins late, but my egg/ham/cheese/potato casserole was cooked to perfection.  After the party we spent some time working on house projects then decided we needed a beak, so we saw the hobbit.  We never get concessions at movies (I just cant swallow the prices) but this time we splurged on a large cherry coke, parmesan soft pretzel and sour patch kids.  The movie was awesome and we liked it more than the other Lord of the Rings movies.  I want a root celar just like Bilbo Baggins.  B and I decided that if we were in that movie we would be elves, they are awesome.  They also live in rivendell which is the coolest city ever.

Whoa.  Nerd alert.


Saturday night we finished staining the studio we are building out downstairs for B.  He produces music and we had the perfect wood paneling green carpet room for him to create into a studio.  Glad to have the staining done.

Today.  We churched.  We napped.  We delivered gifts.   I made some dang good crockpot orange chicken.   We also learned about the new youth website that our church just recently launched.  It’a awesome and made me excited to be working with the young women (14-16 year olds).



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