restaurant review – vitos

You guys.  This was so good.  Growing up we’d spend summers in Pennsylvania visiting my amazing grandparents who we adoringly called Nanny and Pop-Pop.  Everything about visiting them was magical.  PA is so different than UT, in countless ways; the green trees, woods everywhere, the old historic homes, big cities, the rivers, the diversity, incredible parks, museums, townships, the food, lightning bugs, grandmas cooking, grandmas house, the long skinny driveway we’d ride our cars/bikes on, the swamp in the backyard, lightning bugs, fruit loops, Italian water ices, cheese steaks, soft pretzels, the amish country, Valley Forge, The whissachickon, the montgomery county zoo, the liberty bell, the shore (ocean city shout out), audubon shrine,  and etc.  and spending time with family.  Most of the time we’d drive our big red van out to PA  which meant 40+ hours and 3 days all 9 of us in the car.  It was the absolute best.  I have the happiest most incredible memories of my childhood days in PA.  Living in PA after college was magical, and was one of the happiest times of my life thus far.  Thoughts of PA brings me nothing but happiness.

Back to the food.  Vitos cheesesteaks is great.  It’s local.  It’s original.   It used to be just a food cart in a parking lot, and now they have a location on main street.  It’s a one man show.  You pay yourself.  They have got the roll, cheese and taste down.  It’s as if I was in Philly again sans the birch beer.  I love me a good cheesesteak.  The lines get long but you move through fast and they are delicious.  I got the Italian + mushrooms.  YUMMMM!  Next time I’d go without parmesan; it was a touch too strong.  It’s one of the best kept secrets in Davis County and a REALLY good cheesesteak.

go. eat. be merry.



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