Sometimes, and pretty often lately i feel really really grateful.  So grateful in fact that I feel sortof undeserving of the blessings and love that has been so graciously and abundantly poured down into my little life.  I don’t know if I am deserving of such blessings and generosity, but I am deeply and abundantly grateful.  I love my little house that we are working hard to make cozy, beautiful, and ours.  It has needed alot of love.  I love it’s character, mature trees, and stillness.  I love our little community, that we can go on walks and bike rides through the streets. I love that I can grow food; both on the trees and in the ground.  I love the good and simple people that live surrounding us.   I love that they make me want to be better and more simple.  I mostly love that Husband B and everyday I adore and love him more and more.  I waited a long time for him, but he found me, and we are so so happy, which made all the waiting worth it.  He is the best and most awesome person in the world and I wonder every day how I deserve him.  I sure am grateful though.  I also think I have some of the best people in the world as part of our family.  They are funny and good in their bones and I trust them.  They always show up when I need them, which is what family is about.   I also had some of the greatest parents a girl could ask for. That mom of mine, holy smokes, she was quite the woman.  I miss her like crazy but I know she’d be proud of me and I know that even though she is no longer on the earth…she loves me and is close.  And that dad, he loves me a whole lot and thinks that I am the absolute bees knees, just like a dad should.  It sure makes a girl feel good.  And my friends…my life has been graciously blessed in every stage of life with my association with good friends that are funny, fun, awesome and extremely loyal.  I also have amazing health, red hair and a Job that I really am liking.  Not sure what more a girl could ask for.

Look at this beautiful maple tree in the fall.  I loved it so much I didn’t have the heart let the leaves go.  Luckily B raked it up, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I loved crunching as I walked on our stairs and coming home to a golden blanket of fall.  Note the pumpkins were from the garden.  Yay!

fall maple tree

fall maple tree



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  1. Lindsay says:

    Love your sentiments!!

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