treasure from a little bro

little brother-hood

little brother-hood

My lil bro is awesome.  Here he is at age 911or something accepting my apology.

Carrie I forgive you.  Somtimes it is so hard to come home from a hard day and then you are all snotty and tolte (totally) mean to me.  It is hard.”

Life is hard when you are 11ish.

Now that little brother is 6’4″ a dad and one of my favorite people in the entire world.  He is hilarious, funny, smart, handsome, hard working and an awesome husband and father.  I stinking love his guts.  I’m glad he forgave me for being snotty and mean.  Dang it.

So glad I kept this in my little box o notes.  Not sure why, but funny none the less.



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