christmas babysitting

Since B&I don’t have kids and we have lots of n&n’s we are the “go to” sitters.  Which is cool.  I think of it as my sis T said “adding more to the bowl of infinity favors”.  Pretty much i’m front loading my life by helping with our 17 n&n’s and their awesome, but tired, parents.   I figure, babysit occasionally now and have infinity IOU’s later.  B isn’t always on the band wagon to babysit, but is always a good sport.  He is known to take bribes in choc milk.  Truth is, we really like our n&n’s despite how crazy they are sometimes.  I don’t like changing poo though, it’s so da^* nasty and B dry heaves if he is within 100 miles of the bum so that is always fun.   He has never changed a diaper…like ever.

Anyway, we tended my sis’s 3 crazy nugs and sure do love them.  They are crazy, and adorable, and fun.  We ate dinner; it’s annoying how much kids dislkie veggies.  Mr. K, who’s 4 thought eating 1 pea and 3 peices of corn would compensate for the 100 lbs of sugar he’d want to consume.  HA!  Miz E also threw her peas on the ground which I’m still stepping on  and Miz S could not get enough to eat.  Dinner w/ Kids = chaos.  We really enjoy our peaceful quiet dinners with just the two of us.

After dinner we headed to see the lights at our cute community park, followed by hot-coco & christmas movie/story time.  It was fun and kids are fun to hang out with.  We are always glad when their parents arrive and we are off duty!  Can I just say,  I love it when B busts out the dad like discipline when they don’t listen. Picture big teddy bear man handeling 4 year old who keeps punching baby sister in the face.  He was on time out in the car, B stood guard.  And that Miz E, she is getting more and more spunk as time goes by.  Watch out!

Cute Mr. K and his coco.  Notice the yellow counter tops.   70’s gem!

K and hot coco Pretty lighted tree

Miz S and the purple lights christmas lights

Miz S and her purple tree, it was her favorite.


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  1. Lindsay says:

    Gorgeous Tree!

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