weekend wrap

This weekend, came and went.  It was a good one.  We were busy humans, but it’s nice when you get lots accomplished.  Friday was spent fixing the beam on our classy car port, so I had to work late.  We grabbed some pei wei and watched Karate Kid at my brothers house.  We were tending our 5 n&n’s so the parents of those 5 could have some R&R for a night.   Luckily the night wen’t pretty flawless, and the kids slept through the night.  Which rocked.   Saturday started off with me making creaps for those hungry 5 and us hangin out.   We are going to rock at parenthood.  B is sooo cute with kids, he’s pretty much the best teammate I could have ever dreamed off.  Love him.   We  only tended until 9am so B-lined it home to work on our yard before the snow rolled in.  We finished our winter prep, only two months late!  Felt good.  I finished digging out most of the remaining mint that had grown ravaged in various areas of our yard and I finished planting the remaining bulbs and some other mini bulbs that we found around our maple in front.  I found the cross section of one when we took out a cement border around a tree.


cool bulb – ness

I’ve been really into saving as many bulbs as I could, even though I don’t have a clue what some of them are.  I’m hoping they will be cool in the spring.  B told me I was too “bulbee” as I was trying to save every last one.  He told me not to plant something in every spare inch of our yard, BUT bulbs are free and pretty so whatevs.  I guess my mom was always concerned about saving her bulbs and being careful around them…so…it wore off on me.  We spent the late afternoon working in our basement, it was a MESS.   It was a busy saturday to say the least, we were exhaustearated and I fell asleep in .23 seconds after getting into bed.  I love Saturdays when you kick butt though.  Feels good.

Today we did the normal, other than B had a migrane in the morning, but you know the sunday church and family dinner.  We ate at Mama J’s, she makes these deish french dip sandwiches with these toasted buns and melted cheese.  So dang good.  I took small bites so I could enjoy every one.  I really like her cooking and how cozy and fun it is going there.  I’m grateful that I have her in my life, it’s been nice with the loss of my mom to have a built in mom to care for us.  I love going and having a home cooked meal.   We stopped by the hospital on our way home to help out my sisters and dad with Miz S cleanse, I’ll spare you the details, but I sure love that little woman.  Luckily the cleanse is working ansd we came home.  Now we’re home bumming out gearing up for the week where we have something every night.  Crazy!!  Don’t you just love December!!


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