restaurant review – maxwells

We dined at Maxwells on Saturday night with friends.  We started a monthly dinner group with some great friends and this was our inaugural dinner group event, so I wanted to go somewhere safe that I knew would be cool and tasty.  It was  both cool and also tasty.  They have this Buffalo chicken pizza that you would die for.   It was better than I remembered.  We shared the 20″ pie with our good friends the H’s and also split some tomato basil cream sauce over house made fettuccine.    You could taste that the ingredients were fresh and they did a good job with everything.  When they brought out our 20″ pie we were all dying with how huge it was, luckily it was NY style thin crust.  Yum!!  Too top the evening off we got a google deal so the meal was only 10$ a person, cool!  Not cool, them taking 45 minutes to figure out how to apply the google offer to our check.

The food was great.  The friends were fun.  We’d go there again, totally.


20″ pie


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