sometimes life is awesome

Sometimes life is kind of awesome and sometimes not.  Like the one time you had to go to your work christmas party alone because B has class, and you felt really uncomfortable and wanted to sneak out, but you couldn’t because your seat was  front & center, so you had to stay the whole time, comedian and all.  Or, that time in life when when your dad backed into and took out one of the support beams for your carport.  That was fun to come home to a 9inch saggy roof at 10pm.  Or, even the one time that you got asked to serve  in Young Women’s and your first weeknight activity your transmission goes out and your girls have to help push your car home? One more, that  call you got from your husband  telling you he hit someone driving your dads car and the lady was a bit crazy.  You know, the kind that was bawling (he only hit her going 5mph) and she called two ambulances and is clamming she needs major surgery all while holding her miniature dog on her lap.  Sometimes life is less than awesome.

But then…

You are grateful that you have a husband to take to the christmas party and remember for a lot of years you didn’t have anyone to take.  You remember how lonely that was and you see the other people who don’t have anyone.  And then, your sweet dad who you are still mad at for the pole incident is there first thing in the morning fixing it and it’s a better pole that the original old rotting one.  And your neighbor who is helping you deal with the pole situation, tells you his son is a mechanic and can replace the transmission for half the price you were planning on and will even toe it to his shop for free.  Then there is the car accident that your hubs get’s into, reminds you of how kind your dad is when crap happens so that when he takes out the pole on your house you have a good example to follow of how to treat others kindly.

So sometimes when life seems not to be awesome, maybe it is a little awesome because somehow good things come out of bad situations.  I’m just not ready to admit that yet.

You know what else is really awesome.  Road trips with this guy.  Redwood trees are also awesome.  So road-trips to the redwoods are awesome x2.  Taken Sept 2012.


Humboldt Redwoods State Park


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