twice baked potatoes – with greek yogurt


twice paked potatoes

twice baked potatoes. all done. don’t forget the parsley/chive garnish like i did.

Today was a really good day.  B got some good news in the job department and is also is one day away from finishing up college classes… forever.  This is seriously great news and a great day!   I’m sure you were totally thinking what a perfect opp to celebrate with twice baked potatoes.  I googled “twice baked potatoes with greek yogurt” and of course, Martha was there when I needed her.  So, I modified this recipe from martha stewart (due to me not having all the ingredients on hand) for some deeeelish twice baked potatoes.  Never made them before and they turned out great.  I knew they passed the B test when he gave me a “yummm, this is so good” on the first bite.  He also may have said “eating this meal brings joy to my heart”.  You guys!  I love cooking for this guy.

Twice Baked Potatoes – serves 6
3 potatoes  (baked for an hour-ish @ 375)
1/8th c. onion – chopped small
2 T butter
1 cup plain greek yogurt
1 cup ish half and half (I randomly had it in my fridge, otherwise i’d use milk)
a bit of fresh parsley (I have a plant in my kitchen so i use it often)
1/2 c ish smoked gouda (what I had on hand)
1/4 c. vermont white cheddar
salt & pep
dried chives (I didn’t have fresh, but i’ll use fresh next time)

This is how it went down.  You pre bake the potatoes poked with a fork, you know the drill.  You  cut in half long way and scoop out the potato guts and put them into a bowl and set aside.  I didn’t have chives so I sautéed the onion in butter until it was clear/getting brown.  Then I added the rest of the butter, yogurt, half and half and warmed it (like Martha said).  I grated the cheese and added that.  I then busted out my new beaters, which made me feel really domestic, and I blended all of the milkey ingredients with the potatoes.  You should also add the spices before you finish blending and put your beaters in the sink (which I of course did and had to rinse them off.  hate that.).  Then you scoop the cheesy milky potato guts back into the potato skins sprinkle the top with extra cheese and bake in the oven at 350 for around 30 minutes.  We were ready to eat before the full 30, and they were great.  I’d give these little buddies an 8.5 out of 10.  Next time i’ll use chives and they will be a solid 9.   Give your loved ones some “joy in their hearts” while they eat these.  It could happen.  I paired this with a T-bone steak and some peas.


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