lunch time wedding

Lunch today was spent going to a wedding of one of my most fav. roommates.  It was rainy and the temple looked beautiful.

rainy day at slc temple
During the ceremony one bit of cousel that was shared, touched me.  He said, when you marry you are to love your spouse as God loves them.  Beautiful concept.  I guess I have some increased loving to do,  you better get ready B.

(Watch out, I’m about to go deep)

Today was also unexpectedly awesome to reconnect with old friends from a few years ago.  It made me think of where I was a few years ago vs where I am now.  At that time, when those were people I interacted with daily, we were in the think of cancer with Mom.   While that time was incredibly precious it was also equally intense.  Being with those old friends reminded me of how many of them prayed, supported, loved, sent flowers, texts, emails, notes to us. That was such a hard time;  hard for my family but so much harder for mom. The pain, the heartache, the sadness to leave her family, the loss of life as she knew it as cancer slowly consumed her.   It was cool to be able to look back and see how much losing my mom has taught me.  How much I’ve grown.  How that experience has impacted me deeply.  I think she would “be pleased” with the outcome.  I am so grateful that time passes, the heart heals, and life moves forward.  The sun keeps rising.  The seasons keep changing.  Life moves on and returns back to a “new” normal.  I am happier now than I ever have been or remember being.  I’m sure in large part to the due to what I’ve learned and experiences I’ve had over the last couple years.  Also, credit goes to that B, he makes me so very happy.  I have much to be grateful for.

I think part of me will always be sad, always miss her, and wish I could feel her closer and share my life with her.  But the pain of it all has faded.  Replaced by the comfort in the images and thoughts of her in the next state; Free from suffering, pain, sorrow, cancer, and mortal bonds.  In a sate of happiness, peace, rest, joy, and surrounded by loved ones.  Images that are most beautiful.  see Alma 40: 11 -12


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