healthy-ish cookie bites

Planning to try these cookies out soon.  Just saw them on a blog i’ll need to start following now that  i’m all into this blog-o-sphere.  At least that what B tells me because I keep ignoring him for the 1 person that currently looks at my blog.  Like right now I just finished some late night working when it’s quiet and I can think and process.  I even had a late night lightbulb moment as a response to this brilliant marketing blog I read daily i love lightbulbs. Meanwhile, that B yells from our room that it’s time for work to be over.  However, I can hear him listening to this.  Did I tell you he turned on the christmas tree, lights sans christmas music so our house was cozy when  Miss S and I got home.   She was coming to inspect my tree.  She’s into christmas.  So is B.

I’ll let you know how the chocolate, hummas, PB cookeis turn out.  Likely, B will tell me they are too healthy and he would rather just have regular CC cookies.  But…I will try to get away with it.


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