vegeterian curry in a hurry

Vegetarian curry  (no sugar added)

Vegetarian curry in a hurry – No sugar added. B sampling the final product.

Got home from work late and forgot that I didn’t have many things for dinner.  I made curry and tried to make do with what I had.  Since I was home late, I tried to cook it faster so I boiled the potatoes and carrots, which made the potatoes dry and not as flavorful as i’ve had before.  In the future, i’ll saute the potatoes in coconut oil/milk/spices with the onion and carrot. Also, milk saved the day.  It was pretty dry so I added milk to juice it up and keep everything moist.  It was a good game time decision.

Overall this dish turned out pretty good, but would have been better with some meats in it.  It got  good reviews from B, but he would have preferred meats.  He is so predictable :).  I’d give it a 6, but it was quick,  easy and tasty.   We made gingerbread cookies for dessert, Which I burned.  Ewweps. Time for eggnogg and burned ginerbread cookies!  ‘Tis the season!!

vegetarian  curry in a hurry: Serves 4-5
(use whatever curry appropriate veggies you have on hand)

-3 carrots – sliced
-3 potatoes (I’d do 2 next time) – sliced
-1/2 bag frozen peas
-1 onion – sliced (but i’d chop it next time)
-2-4 Tbs Coconut oil
McCormic Curry powder (3 T but to taste.  You want a rich curry flavor.)
-1 T – ish agave necter  – Optional
-1 c. 2% milk (or any creamy product)
-Fresh sage 3-4 leaves chopped – Optional
-Few shakes of Trader Joe’s 21 seasoning salute
-S&P to taste

I started by sautéing  the onion in the coconut oil.  Next, I boiled the potatoes and carrots. But, skip the boiling and just add the potatoes and carrots to the onion in the milk/curry/mixture.  Add the peas in the last few minutes of cooking. Add the other spices/agave to taste.  Done when the veggies are soft and the flavor is rich.  If you serve with meat, add it when the veggies are almost done.  McCormick recommends marinating the meat, which I did last time I made curry and it was awesome.  I served over quiona. Serves 4-5.  I’ll make again with the modifications I mentioned above.

You probably noticed my stove is yellow?  Stove, sink and counters straight out of the 70’s.


One Response to vegeterian curry in a hurry

  1. lifeonbonita says:

    This was delish the second day. I had it in a whole wheat wrap for lunch and B had it for dinner. I think my rating would go up to a 7 on this dish. Not bad.

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