advent – intro

When I was a teenager, my mom learned from one of her friends of the tradition of Advent.  We started doing it each Sunday after thanksgiving, leading up to Christmas.  I have really happy memories of Christmas Advent with my family.  My mom was an amazing woman and her knowledge of the scriptures and love for the Savior really made Advent come alive for all of us.  She loved doing advent with her 7 kids and then her 12 grandchildren.  Her last Christmas with us she lead the discussion, even though she was very sick.  I was amazed at how well the little grandkids listened to her and how still and quiet they were.  She taught her Grandkids the song “this little light of mine” a song she loved from her childhood summers spent at the Brethren Bible school she attended in eastern PA.  She would give each of them a candle as they sang the words “This little light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine”.  Although the grand kids were young when she died, they all remember and love that song.  I hope to teach it to my kids someday and sing it at Advent, just like my Mom.  Maybe they will already know it when they come, maybe mom would have taught them in heaven.

Advent is the celbration of the different lights of Christ.  Each sunday you light a different candle in the advent wreath that represent one of the different “lights” of Christmas.  You sing a christmas carol or two, watch the light flicker and talk about the Savoir.  We always paired advent with a treat and to help the little kids stay engaged mom gave them each a small candle of their own to hold, if they were good, during Advent.

Advent Wreath

Advent wreath

Advent Schedule:

1st Sunday – The light of prophecy
2nd Sunday – The light of love
3rd Sunday – The light of joy
4th Sunday – The light of peace
Christmas Eve – The light of Christ

B & I have decided to continue this tradition this year in our family.


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