weekend wrap

Saturday was some serious yardworkage around here.  We decided to expand our garden and since our yard is 15 years overgrown it needs some attention.  Luckily I have a bro who is a magician with a “mini X” as he calls it.  He dug out like 5 evil weed trees, and grass, and bushes, and pretty much saved me from back surgery.  B did a good job being manly.  Check out his elbow in my awesome truck shot!

Yard work

Garden Expansion

The “mini X” at work.

Also, we had sunday dinner with the G’s.  Smoked ribs.  Yes please.  B and his buddy Miss E may just melt my heart like a M&M.

Ben and Ellery

David and Goliath?

Sunday was also Stake Conference, a yearly gathering of mulitiple congregations in our area. You know, I like being a mormon.  I love the hope and strength that Faith in Christ gives me.  Sometimes those feelings are more tangible than others.   Today was one of those days.


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