1st anniversary trip

It’s hard to believe that we have been married for a year.  It seems like we just got married and also that we’ve always been married.  It’s amazing to think about how much more I love B now, than I did when we got married, and I loved him then!  Love is the most amazing thing, the more you love…the more you are able to love it seems.  Love never runs out, it just get’s deeper and more wonderful the more and more you love someone.  I’m not only talking about romantic love, but love in general, for our family members, friends and others in our lives.  The more love we give those we love the more love we have to give.  Amazing!

I also had the realization recently that B loves me, and he always will.   It just hit me.   Sometimes I feel insecure in my love and perhaps even in my worthiness of his love.  We all struggle with doubts of self-worth and it is our loving relationships that help us know of our infinite worth and value as human beings.  One of the great lessons of this life.

We had a great first year of marriage, with many challenges and adjustments.   In addition to the typical newly-wed adjustments I was grieving my mom, who passed away just a few days after our wedding.  I didn’t feel like myself for 10 months with all of that changing, adjusting , loving B, growing, grieving and everything in between.   We lived in a tiny little basement apartment and it was just the perfect place for us to start out.  We have had a great year and look forward to so many more anniversaries to come.  We stayed local to celebrate this year, to save on funds, and went to park city and had a blast.  It was quiet up there as we were in the off season which made it really quiet and cozy.  It was great!

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